Meet the Reviewers

Emily Bedwell

Emily Bedwell

Emily Bedwell

Book-lover, aspiring writer, passionate reader and future librarian. She believes that every book has value, whether or not she loves it. She also believe that every person should be ready to tell their story at any time, so she often carries around a notebook and iPad, just in case her story comes to her in line at the grocery.

Favorite Genres

  • Young Adult Contemporary
  • Young Adult Fantasy/Science Fiction
  • Historic Fiction
  • Contemporary Fiction
  • Science Fiction
  • Non-Fiction
Kristen Rinaldo

Kristen Rinaldo

Kristen Rinaldo

Avid reader, aspiring writer and cataloging librarian. She lives with her husband and daughter in Indiana.

Favorite genres:

  • Urban fantasy
  • Epic fantasy
  • Paranormal romance
  • Mystery
  • Non fiction
  • Science fiction

Bookish thoughts?

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